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New Edge Interiors now stock what we believe are the best Luxury Vinyl Flooring planks and tiles from Berry Alloc. As a special promotion, we are discounting all stock by 25% until January 31st 2019. All planks and tiles are usually priced at £39.99 per sqm but we are stocking all items at only £29.99 per sqm with free delivery in this promotion (T’s & C’s apply)

What are the Benefits of Installing LVT Flooring?

Installing this type of flooring comes with many benefits

  • Ease of Installation
  • Waterproof
  • Super Lightweight
  • Low Maintenance
  • Noise Reduction Properties
  • Easy to Clean
  • Great Heat Conductor
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Ability to Mix ‘n Match

Ease of Installation

With the patented 4 sided dreamclick system, even a child can install this flooring! You will be absolutely amazed at how this system works together. Come along to our showroom in Solihull, Birmingham and see for yourself how the Click system works.


Once you have clicked the planks or tiles together, the join is instantly sealed! No additional treatments needed. This is thanks to our patented click system combined with the protective polyurethane lacquer treatment which is applied in the factory.

Super Lightweight

The Rigid Composite Board makes PURE Click planks up to 30% lighter than other click flooring systems, leading to easier handling during transport and installation. The boards are light but also ultra-strong.

LVT Flooring Birmingham by New Edge Interiors, B91 2JU
LVT Flooring Birmingham supplied by New Edge Interiors, Solihull

Noise Reduction Properties

Whether you are walking around in your high heels or feel like a lazy day in your slippers, our Luxury Vinyl Flooring Planks and tiles always stay noise-free. With an exceptional noise absorption of 10 dB, PURE Click is up to 50% more silent than other LVT floors. This is pleasant for both you and your neighbours.

Easy to Clean

Our floors are so easy to clean and maintain, a light sweep and normal everyday cleaning products are all that is required.

Great Heat Conductor

These floors are warm to the touch under feet. They really reach out to all your senses. Not only are the decors a delight to the eye, but they also feel warm to the touch and cosy under the feet. PURE LVT floors have good heat conduction, making them the ideal match for your underfloor heating.

100% Recyclable

These products and manufacturing processes are continuously improved and adapted to reduce the life-cycle impact on the natural environment.  PURE vinyl click floors are 100% recyclable, making them a perfect floor for the world of tomorrow.

Ability to Mix ‘n Match

The way that this flooring clicks together means that you can add multiple product colours on one floor. This gives you the ability to make your own unique design. It works well in parquet designs and framing, we find that it works particularly well in hallways and bathrooms.

At New Edge Interiors we currently stock Luxury Vinyl Tile Plank flooring in various colours, sizes and styles. We have in stock the full range of  Toulon Oak, Columbian Oak and Limed Oak.  Our vinyl plank range comes in different dimensions: Vinyl planks in a regular or XXL size or vinyl tiles.
40 or 55 indicates the wearability of the planks. Some high traffic areas benefit from a top layer that has a higher wear resistance.
All our different designs are available in varying dimensions and qualities.

Explore our collection to pick out the vinyl planks that best suit your rooms. From the Toulon Oak range we currently have in stock TO 999D, TO 619L, TO 109S, TO 936L, TO 293M and TO 236L.

In the Limed Oak Luxury Vinyl Planks, we currently have in stock LO 623 M and LO 944D.

In the Columbian Oak, we have CO 236L, CO 996E and CO 939M.

We also stock Ceramic Tile type click flooring and carry the following products, Zinc 907 D, Disa 101S, Monsanto 694M, Zinc 373D, Disa 996 D, Monstanto 363 L, Monstanto 959M, Monstanto 900D and Disa 797M