LVT Flooring

Over the last few years, the amount of LVT flooring that is being installed into houses across the UK has grown. The reason being, you can have the appearance of a fantastic high-quality floor that is durable.

That’s why we are pleased to announce that we are now stocking Luxury Vinyl Tiles at our showroom in the Birmingham area.

We’re stocking LVT from one of the largest manufacturers of vinyl flooring. Berry Alloc have something for every need, mood and use. This is why we’ve partnered with them to offer the best flooring in Birmingham. As part of our promotion we’re offering all flooring from Berry Alloc on a discount of 25% until March 31st 2019.(T’s & C’s apply)

Luxury Vinyl Tile Click Flooring supllied by
LVT Flooring Birmingham by New Edge Interiors, B91 2JU

So Why are People Installing LVT Flooring?

It’s not just a fashion trend, there are some genuine strong benefits of people installing luxury vinyl tiles (LVT). As well as looking absolutely fantastic, especially with our partnership with Berry Alloc, the following benefits of the new style flooring are important in the growth.

Easy to Install: A system called “dreamclick” is a patented system. This allows you to install the flooring without absolute ease. Gone are the days of needing handymen or professional installers that come at unreasonable costs. It’s so simple we believe school children could install it.

Waterproof Flooring: As the flooring is made from vinyl and has a superior fitting system, the flooring is extremely waterproof.

Lightweight: The tiles are formed from a special material that allow it to be up to 30% lighter than nearest competitors. This means they are easier to transport and install. All this brings the price down to you, the customer who’s looking to have new flooring fitted.

Very Low Maintenance: Replacing LVT with our specialist click system is very simple. There is no longer the need to lift the whole floor just to get to the piece you may have damaged. Damage is unlikely due to the durability, however, anything is possible. You can replace the piece that’s damaged in no time at all. It’s also extremely easy to clean due to the waterproof technology. Spills and stains are easily wiped up.

Noise Reduction & Heat Conductor: These are 2 of the biggest reasons for LVT growth across the west midlands. Apartment blocks always suffer with noise problems from neighbours above. The way in which the flooring is composed means that they absorb a lot of the noise. Leaving your neighbour below, no need to hit their ceiling with a broom. Combine that with the heat sealing property of the click system, you can reduce your carbon output, save on heating costs and keep your neighbours happy. Why would you not be installing?

Recycle: If you ever decide to lift the flooring and install something else, everything we provide from Berry Alloc is 100% recyclable.

Mix & Match: So you want to roll the flooring across your open plan living room, to your hall and kitchen? No problem. No need for strips between each room, you can click all of our designs together. You can even get creative and install as many designs as you want into the 1 room.

Why are We The Best LVT Flooring Supplier in Birmingham?

I can tell you New Edge Interiors are the best flooring providers until I’m blue in the face. However, it probably doesn’t mean a lot to you does it? We operate not far from Birmingham city centre in Solihull. As well as offering Berry Alloc flooring, we also have standard tiles, laminate flooring and even bathroom furniture on offer.

The biggest manufacturers in the UK are working with us directly. Our stock includes some great designers and exclusive kitchen manufacturers. We even have our very own bathroom designer based in our showroom.

As an LVT flooring specialist, we have the answer to every single question that could come up. Technical or frivolous, we’ve got the answer for you. Our personal touch is what sets us apart from the big nationwide companies that only sell based on a high-pressure environment.

Flooring Ideal for Rented Houses

We’ve told you all the benefits of our new LVT flooring. So with this in mind, we are adamant that it makes an ideal installment for rented or student accommodation.

Your job as a landlord is hard enough without having to replace the flooring when a tenant leaves. Or have a dispute over scrapes and scratches. The hard-wearing technology means that it’s less prone to damage and a lot cheaper to replace.

LVT Flooring Birmingham supplied by New Edge Interiors, Solihull

At New Edge Interiors we currently stock Luxury Vinyl Tile Plank flooring in various colours, sizes and styles. We have in stock the full range of  Toulon Oak, Columbian Oak and Limed Oak.  Our vinyl plank range comes in different dimensions: Vinyl planks in a regular or XXL size or vinyl tiles.
40 or 55 indicates the wearability of the planks. Some high traffic areas benefit from a top layer that has a higher wear resistance.
All our different designs are available in varying dimensions and qualities.

Explore our collection to pick out the vinyl planks that best suit your rooms. From the Toulon Oak range we currently have in stock TO 999D, TO 619L, TO 109S, TO 936L, TO 293M and TO 236L.

In the Limed Oak Luxury Vinyl Planks, we currently have in stock LO 623 M and LO 944D.

In the Columbian Oak, we have CO 236L, CO 996E and CO 939M.

We also stock Ceramic Tile type click flooring and carry the following products, Zinc 907 D, Disa 101S, Monsanto 694M, Zinc 373D, Disa 996 D, Monstanto 363 L, Monstanto 959M, Monstanto 900D and Disa 797M